Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition review: The upgrade is worth the money

The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Editio(opens in a new tab)n, despite the fancy name, is a simple device. It’s exactly the same as the new, fifth-generation Kindle Paperwhite, but it costs $50 more and has four upgrades: 32GB of memory (up from 8GB), wireless charging, an marketplace bali automatically adjusting front light, and no ads.

Since we already established that the new Paperwhite is a great e-reader, the focus of this review is simple: To figure out whether these four improvements are worth the extra money.

A thoroughly great e-reader
My colleague Alex Perry reviewed the regular fifth-gen Paperwhite, but here are my basic impressions (coming from someone whose primary e-reader before now was a second-gen Paperwhite).

The new Paperwhite is just the right size and sat perfectly in my hand. It’s also beach ready, with an IPX8 rating, which is a big deal to me, especially when compared to my iPad mini, which officially isn’t water resistant at all.

I have only one beef with the device’s design, and that’s the fact that Amazon moved the power button to the bottom from the top, which took some getting used to. (It’s worth noting that this change happened on a previous iteration of the Paperwhite.)

The new Paperwhite is a lot faster than my old model, but it could be faster still, especially when browsing through menus. The battery lasts forever, and having a USB-C port instead of the old microUSB connector is a blessing.

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