OnePlus Pad is a worthy iPad competitor for OnePlus fans

It’s probably time to start paying attention to OnePlus if you haven’t been.

The Chinese tech giant has been steadily manufacturing very good and affordable Android smartphones for years, with the OnePlus 11 landing earlier this year. Now, it’s coming for the suddenly-about-to-be-packed Android tablet market with the new OnePlus Pad. This is a slick, powerful machine that, at $480, is competitively priced with Apple’s 10th generation iPad.

And what’s more, it might be better than the iPad in a bunch of ways. While it might behoove you to wait to hear more about the Google Pixel Tablet before making a purchasing decision, this is a very good Android tablet on its own merits.

While acknowledging that Google is about to do the same thing, it feels like it’s been forever since a serious new competitor in the tablet space showed up. And though the OnePlus Pad is both physically and metaphorically green in that respect, it feels like a seasoned vet.

For starters, its specs are excellent for a tablet that costs less than $500:

Dimensity 9000 chipset


128GB storage

9510mAh battery (promising 12.4 hours of video playback)

11.6-inch display with 2800×2000 resolution and 144Hz refresh rate

13MP rear camera

8MP selfie camera

Admittedly,128GB is not a great deal of storage, but everything else on that list is pretty slick compared to certain competition. By that, of course, I mean the $450 10th gen iPad, which only comes with 64GB of storage with a smaller 10.9-inch display. Oh, and Apple’s tablet has a smaller 2360×1640 resolution with a substantially worse 60Hz refresh rate cap.

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