Startups You Don’t Want to Miss at VivaTech 2023

VivaTech Innovation Parks gather the most disruptive and innovative technologies coming from around the world. Startups are invited to showcase their solutions in a futuristic space, among some of the world’s most cutting-edge projects.

Discover a few of the startups that will be present in this year’s parks.

Mobility & City Park
Experience the way the world is moving. The Mobility and City Park, sponsored by Togg, gathers startups with innovative next-generation vehicles and technologies that are shaping the future of mobility.


Want to call a dentist but can’t go outside? Italdesign envisions a world where private transportation and services can arrive straight to people’s doors without the need to step outside. Autonomous transportation concept Climb-E can completely integrate into next-gen and future civil and residential building structures, allowing the “vehicle” to arrive right to our doorstep.

Food & Retail Park
The cutting-edge tech behind the food and retail industries. This Innovation Park invites startups to showcase original experiences and technologies that are shaping the future of what we eat and how we buy.

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