The Kindle Paperwhite made me enjoy reading books again

Confession: I’ve finished a startlingly low number of books since I finished high school.

It’s not that I dislike books or struggle with comprehension or anything like that. Instead, my particular brand of ADHD makes it difficult to find motivation to start and focus when I do, plus I just don’t like holding books in my hands that much. Depending on their size, both paperbacks and hardcovers can just be a little cumbersome to handle, especially if you like reading one-handed like I do.

I’m happy to say the 2021 edition of the Kindle Paperwhite(opens in a new tab) is nearly perfect for folks who’d love to read more if not for all the little annoying things about reading. Both the ad-supported $140 model (which I used for this review) and the ad-free, $190 Signature Edition feature bigger 6.8-inch displays that look fantastic under any lighting, weeks-long battery life, and a flawless form factor fit for lazy one-handed readers like myself.

Even with some price and performance concerns, Amazon’s latest Kindle can, uh, re-kindle your interest in reading.

Setup is simple and only takes a minute; download Sonos’ mobile app, let it find the speaker, and it takes it from there. Using the speaker is similarly easy. It comes with nifty touch controls on top, but I mostly controlled it via either the Sonos app. You can also use the Spotify and Apple Music apps which require you to set the Era 300 as the audio output before playback. The Era 300 also supports Bluetooth 5.0 and AirPlay 2. And if you like to use voice commands, you have Sonos’s Voice Control for your music-related needs, and Alexa for the rest.

The Sonos app lets you directly access other services, such as Apple Music, but the implementation leaves a few things to be desired. For example, searching for tunes on the Sonos app simply won’t get you the same results as you get in Apple Music. After a few tries of being unable to find the album or playlist I needed, I’ve given up and switched to using the Apple Music app instead.

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