Pixel 7a vs. iPhone 14 vs. Samsung Galaxy S23: Which phone is the best?

It’s that time again, folks. Time to compare three phones that are really all pretty good.

Our focus today will be on the newly launched Google Pixel 7a, the Samsung Galaxy S23 from earlier this year, and the iPhone 14 from last year. Two flagship (or close to flagship) Android phones and one iOS phone enter, and only one can leave. Well, not really; there are good reasons to get any one of these phones.

But still, for the sake of competition, let’s get to it.

As you’ll see further down in this article, display tech is one of the only areas where there’s a clear, undisputed champion.

For starters, all three of these phones have 6.1-inch displays. The Pixel 7a’s resolution clocks in at 2400×1080 while Samsung’s is almost identical at 2340×1080. The iPhone 14 wins on resolution with a 2532×1170 figure, but the difference between all three is so minuscule that normal people would probably never notice.

The biggest difference here is actually in refresh rate. Apple’s latest base iPhone 14 maxes out at just 60Hz, a pretty low number for a modern flagship handset. The Pixel 7a is better at 90Hz, but Samsung actually wins this category going away thanks to the S23’s 120Hz refresh rate.

You may not think that matters, but the smoothness is so nice.

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