How AI is Altering Sport Performance & Strategy

When you see AI and sports in the same phrase, you might think about the NPC that beat you 6-0 in your last Fifa match… but AI is more involved in the sport industry than you’d think.

AI is revolutionizing the way athletes train and compete. From computer vision for improving athlete’s techniques to predictive modeling that analyzes past matches, AI can help athletes and coaches better understand their game.

We dive into the ways AI is transforming sport performance and strategy.

Player Performance

Performing well on game day comes down to how well an athlete trained and prepared beforehand. Advances in AI technology are allowing athletes and coaches to optimize their training so they crush it during competition. 

Wearables, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, use sensors to measure biometric data like heart rate, speed, and distance traveled. This data can be examined in real-time to offer athletes performance insights and offer personalized training plans to improve specific key metrics.

Computer Vision analyzes video footage and tracks athletes’ motions using machine learning algorithms. This technology can detect trends in an athlete’s technique and give recommendations on how to improve and what exercises might help them. Imagine a Sunday league footballer who could benefit from a Premier League Level coach’s advice.

Virtual reality paired with AI can take recorded competitions and create a simulator that athletes use to practice, allowing them to experience various scenarios and obstacles without having to physically strain themselves. Golfers can hit the greens in the winter and tennis players can train without a partner.

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