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Vacation with Bandung tour on the Bus

Posted by Carolyn Ramirez on
Vacation with Bandung tour on the Bus

bandung tour on the bus is famous already as one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia. It is becoming the main destination for tourists, local or international. The city is easy to access whether you go by train, bus, car and also airplane, you can always choose how to get there. To make it even easier, you can make your vacation a lot less stressful by using a tour agency such as

bandung tour on bus bandros 2019

With so many kinds of tourists attraction from the culture, nature, culinary, historical to shopping attraction, bandung tour package is such a one-stop vacation place. It is also mentioned in one of the articles of CNN Indonesia that Bandung is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Asia after Bangkok, Seoul, and Mumbai. However, Bandung seems to be not easily satisfied by the predicate given to it. The city keeps on improving its tourism. Introduced in the year of 2014 right on the new year’s eve, led by the new mayor at the time, Ridwan Kamil, Bandung officially launched the “Bandros” or Bandung tour on the Bus. The double-decker bus with eye-catching attractive colors allows you to see around the city in different sensations. So, now you can even enjoy a city tour in Bandung.

The word “bandros” itself is taken from one of the traditional food of West Java. The unique name is the result of a contest held by the mayor of Bandung himself. He is also the person behind the idea of this type of city tour to be provided in the city. Bandung tour on the bus or “Bandros” is launched with the wish to join the World Tour City Federation or WTCFas well as the goal to increase the index of happiness of the people, the locals or the tourists.

Tips on taking Bandung on the Bus

For you who are about to try the bandung tour on the bus or Bandros here are some things you need to know. The busses are operating every day from 9 am-4pm. Bandros come in many different solid colors, and each color representing different routes. To be able to enjoy the bus, you have to come to the shelters located in three places, at Geology Museum, Balai Kota Bandung park, and Alun-Alun Bandung. For one go, you need to pay Rp 20,000.
So if this sounds interesting to you, what are you waiting for? Go to and they will happily help you to plan your perfect vacation and try Bandung on the Bus or “ Bandros”.